Competitive Teams


KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone has three competitive teams: a Gymnastics Team, a Power Tumbling Team and a Cheerleading Team. In order to become a part of one of the competitive teams, a commitment to the team must be made by both the child and family. In addition, the coaching staff at KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone will evaluate the skill level of the child to see where they would be fit within KC’s Gymnastics.


The Gymnastics Team is compromised of girls who vary in competitive level. KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone has gymnasts beginning at level one up to excel levels. The qualified coaching staff has the knowledge and passion for gymnastics and teaching that pushes the gymnasts to strive for their potential. Gymnastics consists of Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Vault and Floor.



The Power Tumbling Team at KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone is compromised of both girls and boys ranging in age and skill level. At KC’s, the Power Tumbling Team has team members from the age of _ to 18, with skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced athletes. Passionate coaches and athletes alike make the Power Tumbling Team full of fun and success both in the gym and at competitions. Power Tumbling consists of Trampoline, Double Mini and Rod Floor.



The Cheerleading Team is the newest addition to KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone.


For more information about any of the teams call KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone at (859) 236-7053.

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