Meet Us

KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone is a state of the art facility located in Danville, KY. Kathy and Mike Case opened their first gym in Harlan, KY in 1981. After 4 years they moved their facility to the current location in 1985.

Kathy Case has taught gymnastics since 1970. In addition, Case also has been a USGA and AAU Gymnastics judge for over forty years. KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone is a member of USTA, USGA and AAU organizations.

Outside of the Gymnastics world, Kathy Case taught Physical Education at Stanford Elementary where she retired from in 2010. Mike Case also taught Physical Education at Houstonville Elementary where he retired from in 2011. Mike Case lost his battle with ALS in 2013.

Kathy Case has been involved in ALS organization to raise awareness for the past three years. KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone is similarly involved in ALS organizations. Recently, KC’s Gymnastics and Tumble Zone participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Contact us to see how you can get involved.


Team Coaches

  • Amelia Burt
  • Kristi Landversicht
  • Carmen DeVault
  • Danielle Maggard


Recreational Coaches

  • Danielle Maggard
  • Ashley Wills
  • Dana Sims
  • Amelia Burt
  • Morgan Caffey
  • Melody Burt
  • Sidney Short

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